Monday, 1 September 2014

Brighter shade than pale 22

Hello again! Is it too early for an autumnal blog post? I have been enjoying a relaxing day in my pyjama bottoms, as a reward for the work on the cookbook - my friend Sigrun has turned in the manuscript! I have become used to starting my day by reading through chapters and finding food images in my inbox and now I'm feeling some kind of a gap. I know it's only temporary; later today I have to run errands, I'm starting a new online course, perhaps two, and this week the children start school with everything involved. This morning before going downstairs to enjoy coffee I looked out the window and realised that September had arrived. Where did August go?! I hope September is starting well for you. I'm going to relax for a little longer; I think I have earned it. I have the September issue of Harper's Bazaar UK on my desk and a new book, and old copy actually: Georgia O' Keeffe: A Life by Roxana Robinson.

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1: Kara Rosenlund | 2: Jane Blundell Art | 3: Kara Rosenlund | 4-5: Toast September 2014 lookbook | 6: Toast September 2013 lookbook | 7: Lisa Hjaltkitchen & aroma | 8: Raquel Chicheri Photography | 9: Rachel Whiting Photography

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