Wednesday, 24 September 2014

house tour: a rustic haven in Costa Brava

You know those moments in the life of a blogger when searching for a particular thing online and by pure accident one stumbles upon something wonderful? This house tour is one of those moments. No longer can I even remember what I was looking for on the Spanish AD magazine website when I found this house. It is located in Costa Brava, in the northernmost coastal part of Spain, further north than the city of Barcelona. You know how much rustic style and earthy, natural materials appeal to me, but what I also like about this house is how low maintenance it feels with its cement floors and simple, open kitchen units. By that I mean easy to clean. Just look at the sofas: cushions and pillows on concrete. This house, in its simplicity, is full of wonderful details, like that black and white patterned vase on the rustic bedside table, not to mention the bedroom linen.
photo credit:
Mark G. Peters for AD España


  1. seems to be a great place! love the mix of natural material and bright colors, a clean and cosy place in one... - julia

  2. There is something so peaceful about a home defined by such stark simplicity.


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