Wednesday, 10 September 2014

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NYFW: The Row, Jason Wu, and Donna Karan + street style
Are you following what's going on in New York? I cannot say I'm paying close attention but I have already viewed a few spring collections, usually to find myself uninspired. Tommy Hilfiger's collection would be a good example of one that didn't inspire me. It made me wonder if he has no devil's advocate in his team, only 'yes people'. Well, I guess the guy can afford to do a collection that doesn't appeal to the masses. Victoria Beckham surprised me just a bit. I wasn't disappointed with her collection, far from it; I just felt something was missing. Some of her pieces reminded me of a collection from Dries Van Noten a few years back. Maybe that confused my mind slightly. But let's view a few looks from The Row, Jason Wu, and Donna Karan that did inspire me, and four street style looks.
The Row Spring 2015
I don't know about you but I'm digging Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen's take on spring. Maybe it's the colour palette that suits me perfectly, maybe it's the comfy look, or perhaps I'm just getting old! I have always liked how these two play with layers and now I like the wrapping. I found some of the silhouettes, mainly the full A-line ones, not particularly flattering, neither the peplum ones, but they didn't bother me. I love it how these two ladies are into their own thing, like they couldn't care less what other designers are doing. Their collection simply felt fresh somehow.

Jason Wu Spring 2015
Jason Wu, where have these black trousers been all my life? I would love to have these in my wardrobe. By the way, Jason was criticised for playing it safe with this collection. Probably that's a valid criticism but sometimes playing it safe is fine. We all need these safe items in our wardrobes. Aren't those the items we hold on to the longest?
I love the colour of this dress.

I cannot pull off the all-white look, I look like death warmed up, but I find this one very elegant, classy, and relaxed. Perhaps the flounce takes away the timelessness of the sleeveless shirt, but I don't think I would get tired of it.

Donna Karan Spring 2015
And finally, this Donna Karan dress. I just love the print and the belt.
Street style
The top photo in this blog post is from the streets of New York and here are a few more looks that I wanted to add. I'm ready for autumn but these help me hold on to summer just a little bit longer.

photo credit: • 2-6: The Row Spring 2015 | 7-11: Jason Wu Spring 2015 | 12: Donna Karan Spring 2015
Street style • 1: The Locals | 13: The Locals | 14: Garance Doré | 15: Damsel in Dior


  1. I think my favourite collection was The Row. The Olsens have certainly developed something original, entirely their own with this brand and their collection simply stood out from the rest, which so often gave me the impression that I've seen them countless times before. But I have to admit I am a fan of Jason Wu's, he may play it too safe, but his items are timeless and that kind of style is something I ill never get tired of. Love that first photo, although I can't pull off cropped pants.

    1. Ada, that's it exactly, when viewing some of the collections I felt I had seen them countless times before.

  2. I'm setting aside some time this weekend to jump in and view some collections; but what I have seen of The Row looks great so far. It did make me think of early Romeo Gigli c. 88/89 though!

    1. Helen, you have quite a fashion collection memory! I will have to look it up.


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