Thursday 4 September 2014

Outdoor living

Outdoor living is a temporary series on the blog that contains stylish outdoor living areas and sometimes al fresco table settings. It's about celebrating the season of summer!

When I started the 'Outdoor living' series back in May I hadn't really decided how long into the autumn I was going to continue these posts. I'm still undecided but I see no reason to call it quits just yet. We are still enjoying mild weather and I also have readers in the southern hemisphere who are embracing the season of spring. That said, let's head to Tulum in Mexico, where we find this rustic cabin that belongs to Claus Sendlinger, the founder and CEO of Design Hotels, and his family. That stone terrace looks like the perfect setting for the wicker peacock chair ('Emmanuelle').

On the master bedroom's balcony the textiles have a beautiful colour palette and instead of a traditional table they use tree trunks. Claus's wife Polina designed the pendant made of shells. Below you see a console table with glassware, ceramics, and tropical flowers on display.

photo credit:
Thies Wulf for Casa Vogue


  1. Very nice, I love the open setting and the blue glass! :) Have a wonderful weekend :)

  2. Amazing!! Especially love the wooden coffee tables. Thanks for the inspiration.


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