Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Space: black shelving in a Madrid kitchen

Kitchenware on display is not for everyone, particularly open shelving as in this Madrid kitchen, where a modern look meets rustic and industrial style. How awesome are these floorboards? Personally I would feel more comfortable with glass doors, or wooden lower doors and upper glass doors, to protect the kitchenware but I think it can be healthy to live dangerously and step out of the comfort zone. You can always step back into it if it gets too uncomfortable. I have never had a home with black walls and, in my opinion, they either look good or they don't, depending on the quality of the painting job. Badly painted black walls, or walls in any other dark colour, are a complete turn off for me. In interior magazines it's common to see lacquered dark walls but I don't remember seeing black walls with this kind of matt finish, and matching shelves and door frames. It's probably fine with no small children in the house.

Speaking of black walls and shelving, yesterday West Elm UK posted a photo on Instagram of a new rustic modular storage collection. When I checked their website I found another photo of a single unit, or a bookshelf, which I think would look very stylish in a kitchen with beautiful kitchenware on display.

photo credit:
Pablo Zamora for AD España


  1. Black shelving is such a fantastic and dramatic backdrop for a great collection of either all white ceramics, vintage ceramics or an eclectic collection of ceramics or glasses. Nice image, I also like the wooden flooring...happy Tuesday my friend!

  2. Those pops of colour are so refreshing. I like the elegance of the black wall and black shelves, but I don't think the space would have been as charming if it weren't for the rustic elements.


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