Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Hand-painted artisan tea towels by Bertozzi

This week I came across the website of AllÓRA, a shop in London that offers handmade Italian home accessories by various artisans. The Italian word allóra means 'in the past' and the company's philosophy is 'oggi come AllÓRA', which means 'today as before'. At AllÓRA they believe in the finest quality, authenticity, passion and craftsmanship, and they have built close relationships with the craftspeople. The shop, also available online, offers a wide range of accessories but it were mainly the hand-painted tea towels by the artisan house Stamperia Bertozzi that caught my attention.

At Stamperia Bertozzi, a family company established in the year 1920, they use ancient artisan techniques to create hand-painted and hand-printed fabrics with passion. The colours are hand-mixed from closely guarded family recipes that have been passed from generation to generation.

These stylish tea towels, the Gradation design, are made of 100% natural crumpled linen. The fabric chosen for the tea towels is pure, organic and woven in the traditional way on a shuttle loom, which produces a fabric that feels soft and is a joy to hold. Over time it gains beauty, as its character grows.

When they paint the fabrics they are not simply left to dry. The linen is worked three times, which involves painting with a different tone of colour each time. The final process is the fixing of the colour where they use Bertozzi's unique technique, which involves steam that is driven by solar power. The result is a vivid colour that lasts longer.

I fell flat for the indigo and cacao colours and would love to have them in my kitchen, but the Gradation tea towels are also available in green and pink.

- size – 70 x 55 cm (circa 28 x 21 inches) - machine washable - no need to iron

AllÓRA | 66 Oxford Gardens | London W10 5UN
Tel: 020 3701 4076 | Email:

photo credit:
via AllÓRA (discovered via The World of Interiors on Facebook)


  1. It feels me with joy whenever I learn about companies with such high values and production ethics. Thank you for the introduction, Lisa.

    1. I knew you would like these, Ada … the Italians know what fine craftsmanship is all about!

  2. Gosh, that blue ombre linen is simply gorgeous, Lisa.

  3. These are so beautiful, Lisa! Oh the blue one is my winner!!!

  4. @Will + Igor: Guys, the indigo one will find it's way to my kitchen sooner than later, you can be sure of that!


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