Tuesday, 14 October 2014

space: a contemporary library in India

Yesterday I took you to India and decided to stay there today. A few months ago there was a house tour in Elle Decor, where they showed a contemporary retreat in the southern part of India, in Puducherry on the east coast. The owner is also the designer, architect Niels Schoenfelder, who with his family uses the retreat to escape the hustle of the city at weekends. These two photos show you the library, which is built like a balcony. The walls are hand-polished lime plaster, beautifully contrasted with reclaimed Burmese teak and stylish textiles that complete the space. All cushions are by Jean-François Lesage and the upholstery on the sofa as well. The rug next to the daybed is by Shyam Ahuja.

photo credit:
Richard Powers for Elle Decor


  1. Wow... that's gorgeous! That's alovely room to lose one's self in... and that daybed is great for lounging and reading so many books!:)

  2. What more could you ask for at weekends?


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