Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Space: a Japanese minka by Axel Vervoordt

Yesterday, in my post about architect Vincent Van Duysen's home in Antwerp, I told you that this week I would be doing what I call 'interior design yoga'. I feel the need to clear my interior-design head and view spaces that calm the mind, like this minka ('house of the people' in Japanese) by Belgian designer and antiques dealer Axel Vervoordt. This Japanese style space has a dining area and a shallow pool and it belongs to a historic 17th-century countryside estate in Belgium. It is actually an outbuilding on the estate that was transported from Japan and reconstructed on-site, under Vervoordt's supervision.


photo credit:
via Axel Vervoordt


  1. I love the term 'interior design yoga' :)

    1. of course you do, you belong to the Belgian interior-design-yoga family ;- )

  2. Lovely one:) The ceramic vases are a nice touch too.


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