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Styling: Blue and white striped rugs

styling: blue and white striped rugs | Lunch & Latte

For some time I have been collecting images of spaces styled with blue and white striped rugs only. I hadn't really decided what to do with them until I found the website of NW Rugs (I had never heard of them until they retweeted some of my blog posts) and viewed their collection that things fell into place. They have an amazing collection of rugs - traditional, oriental, modern, tribal - and in their stripes section I found various flat-woven rugs, or dhurries, with blue and white stripes in all colours and sizes. I love it when I find so many items I like in one place! As you can see in the individual rug images, they have striped rugs in many blue shades and right now I have a crush on the dark navy one at the bottom, the one with the wide stripes. I'm already picturing that one in my home.

NW Rugs: Pura Vida 45

Some people use stripes to create an illusion in their home while others simply choose them because they are classic. Striped rugs are an excellent choice to increase the feeling of space in a room. For example, if horizontal stripes are used in a room that is long and narrow it will seem bigger, while vertical stripes can make a small space, like small entrances or hallways, look longer. A striped rug is also an excellent choice if you have a low ceiling because the stripes draw attention away from it.

I have heard people say, in a negative way, that they think the blue and white striped rugs make their home feel like a beach house. It all depends on the blue shade chosen and the size of the stripes. Just look at Frédéric Malle's former dining room further below or the bottom image with a space designed by Jean-Louis Deniot. Nothing in those two rooms reads beach style; on the contrary, I would say they look sophisticated.

I think the website of NW Rugs sums it up neatly when they say that 'the crisp lines and straight edges' of striped rugs 'have a way of bringing about a modern element of sophistication to a space.'

Decorator and stylist Michael Penney for Canadian House & Home

NW Rugs: Maroc

The stripes in the rug above could be black and if they are then let's just pretend they are dark navy. This is the home of artist sisters Laura Naples and Kristen Giorgi of NG Collective that was featured in Domino magazine. This space is very bright and chic, and I think the stripes are a good contrast to the airy quality of the room.

Perfumer Frédéric Malle's former dining room in New York City

The nautical styled space above is a Victoria Hagan design. I have already featured it on the blog, but the space is too good to skip in a post on striped rugs. Speaking of Hagan, I found this tip from her on the website of Elle Decor: 'Add a blue striped dhurrie and you are guaranteed a happy room.' You heard her, folks!
NW Rugs: Pura Vida 46
The classic beach-style look
This space is a Jeffrey Alan Marks design. There is something sophisticated about the striped rug
A wide-striped rug. The space is an Emily Henderson design

NW Rugs: Pura Vida 34

As I mentioned before, I have a crush on the striped rug above, a reversible flat-woven dhurrie. I have the perfect spot for it in my own home. The one in the image below is a Moroccan rug and I think these dark wide stripes (they could be dark navy or black) give a room such a classic look. This space is a library and an office in a farmhouse in the Loire Valley in France, which the designer Jean-Louis Denoit helped his sister renovate.

Do you have any thoughts on striped rugs? Do you have one in your home?

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- All individual rugs via NW Rugs


  1. I think a striped rug would go nicely in my home office, I think that's the only room I would consider using one. I love the one in the second room (it's both elegant and relaxing), as for the last photo, that entire space is so charming.

  2. Thanks for sharing this about striped rugs. They are indispensable and their usefulness can not be overstated. A designer secret weapon, if you will. Cheers, Lisa.

    1. You're welcome, Mark! If I lived closer by I would get the one with the wide dark navy stripes - I love it.

  3. I'm loving the striped rug in the pic that Emily Henderson designed!! Where can I find this exact rug to purchase?

  4. I'm loving the rug in the space Emily Henderson designed! Where can I find that exact rug to purchase?!

    1. Hi Alexa and thank you for your comment. Did you follow the link to her website? She has a portfolio with her projects and usually she blogs about them too, where she often shares the resources. Hope that helps.


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