Wednesday, 22 October 2014

styling: reading nook

This is one of those blog posts, which I use to play with ideas or to think out loud about a space in my own home. This time it's the reading nook, or the sitting area. We have been living in this house for a few months now and our ideas of what to do with each space are slowly coming together. In my experience it's never good to rush into anything. Instead of buying the things you need, I find it better to wait and see how a space/home grows on you. Maybe it's the arrival of Christmas that makes me want to finish styling the reading nook, which is in the living room and has two chaise lounges, a coffee table between them, and a glass fireplace (electric). I'm just finding it difficult to decide on the colour palette.

Currently we have a whitish wool rug on the floor and a few mainly bluish accessories on the table, and to pop things up I just rearrange the books regularly and add fresh flowers. I have always leaned towards cushions in soft yellow tones and currently I have a crush on this suede cushion from French Connection Home that fits with everything. They also have this block printed rug in blue and white that I really like. The only problem is that the rug is too small for the space so I would have to find another one. I just cannot decide whether to go for a patterned rug in light colours (see also the top rug in this post from West Elm) or to choose a rug that has deeper tones.

When I look at the two stylish spaces featured in this post part of me thinks we should keep the neutral rug and use cushions, blankets, and other home accessories to style the space according to the seasons. A neutral rug on the floor gives us endless possibilities and we would never grow tired of the space. However, a patterned rug in ethnic style definitely defines a space and adds depth if its colours are deep. Sometimes I wonder if I will ever reach a decision!

photo credit:
1: Nuevo Estilo via Planete Deco | 2: cushion • French Connection Home | 3: rug • French Connection Home | 4: Roger Davies for Architectural Digest, March 2012


  1. One of the best parts of decorating is playing with ideas. Even after the space is done, rearranging it and styling it in different ways has refreshing effect. Love that lamp in the first photo. I need something like that in my home. :)

    1. I thought this post would perhaps help me to decide but I'm just as lost as I was when I created it! If I go for a patterned rug the trick is finding one in colours that will match with everything! Is that too much to ask for? ;-)

  2. Looking at this daybed and that view!!! It got me gasping over here because I am looking out of the window into the dark and rainy sky above Munich with like 4 degrees Celsius outside! Oh and that rug, I saw it so often and the more I see it, the more I love it:-)


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