Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Broste Copenhagen autumn/winter 2014

Hello again, I hope you have been well. I'm turning on the holiday mood around here, mainly to make up for last year's lack of it (take my word for it, relocating to another country shortly before Christmas isn't a good idea!). The kids are on board. We have already bought a few baubles and decorative objects and are thinking about decorating the tree the last weekend in November. Yes, we mean business! These days we are thinking about how we want to set the table. One idea is a red and white theme, with a patterned tablecloth that we have already found, and another is a natural look with a linen tablecloth in some neutral tone, a mood similar to what can be seen in these images from Broste Copenhagen.
photo credit:
Broste Copenhagen


  1. I think I will switch to a holiday mood sooner than last year, too. It's my favourite holiday of the year after all. :)

  2. Hi Lisa, I hope you're well. I actually wanted to leave a comment on your previous post but couldn't! Love those beautiful fall settings. They look so cosy and appealing. Today we're experiencing a mini heat wave so I'd love to dive into these moody, cooler settings!

    1. Hi Lana, I turned off the comments during my autumn break. Glad you enjoyed the autumn mood. I bet everything is in bloom in your corner of the world!


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