Monday, 24 November 2014

holiday decorations in a Swedish kitchen

Next Sunday marks the First Sunday of Advent. Keeping an advent wreath is a tradition that I'm brought up with and have continued since I left home. I haven't decided the look of this year's wreath - only that I want white candles - but the children have already started asking me about it so I'm collecting ideas. I have a crush on the one in the above photo. This black and white, and slightly rustic, kitchen is in Sweden and the owner uses an old copper pan to hold the candles, and decorates it with evergreens and wooden sticks or branches. So simple, yet perfect! I wish I could do something like that and keep it in the kitchen window, but we have two Persian cats that often entertain themselves by sitting on the windowsill, watching the birds. One of them has already made an attempt to burn its tail with a candle so I'm not taking any chances. I think I need smaller and wider candles in a glass container, something similar to the ones in the below photo. Do you make your own advent wreath or do you buy it?
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photo credit:
Sköna hem


  1. I haven't made a tradition of having an advent wreath every year, but when I decide that I want one, I usually make it myself. The one in the photo is lovely. In fact, the entire styling of that kitchen is beautiful.

  2. Dásemd. Ótrúlegt að svart eldhús geti verið svona notalegt og jólalegt.
    Takk fyrir þetta
    kveðja; Stína

  3. Hi - I just found the way to your blog. Is this a cocker ? We have two english cockers, a red one and a black and White one. Lovely home, you have ! Love the black cabinet. Hug, Barbara

    1. Thank you, Barbara, for your comment. Please note that this is not my home. These photos are part of a feature that appeared in the Swedish magazine 'Sköna hem'.


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