Monday, 10 November 2014

Mette Duedahl ceramics

Ceramics never fail to inspire me and easily find their way to my wish list. Today I'm honoured to share with you the work of Danish ceramist and designer Mette Duedahl. She has a studio in Frederiksberg, one of my favourite districts of Copenhagen, where she creates her mugs, butter boxes and coffee jugs. The Scandinavian minimalist vibe is vivid in Duedahl's design and I find the neutral colours both chic and timeless.

Mette Duedahl, ceramist and designer | Studio: Maglekildevej 16 Kld. tv. | 1853 Frederiksberg C., Denmark
Tel: +45 24409646 | Email:

photo credit:
Mette Duedahl


  1. I would really like to have more ceramic items in my home and those mugs are so lovely - simplicity always inspires me.

  2. I like the boxes in the last photos!


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