Thursday, 20 November 2014

Scicluna Deli, Doncaster

I just got back home and perhaps you have already seen these photos on Instagram but I just had to share them here as well. We had to run some errands in the city and my husband took a wrong turn, so we ended up in a different parking lot. He realised he didn't have enough coins so he went to get some change. It was then that he stumbled upon the Scicluna Delicatessen in the centre of Doncaster, just around the corner of Market Place, where the old restored Corn Exchange building stands (it houses the Doncaster Markets that have been there since the 1870s). I love buying nuts and grains in bulks so this shop was heaven-sent! And yes, they sell coffee too.

Just recently we have been looking for items in the grocery stores in the area that we need for certain oriental dishes that we like preparing. We had no luck and talked about the need to find an Indian or any oriental market in the area. We found it all in the Scicluna Deli this morning. My brain was actually too busy registering the variety of products in there and I couldn't remember half of the things we needed. There was a wall covered with bags of spices that had names that I haven't even seen before. What I'm trying to say here is that I love this deli. It's officially my favourite shop in the city and I'm returning soon … with a shopping list!

photo credit:
Lisa Hjalt (snapped with my tablet)


  1. I wish I could find an oriental market in my city, but unfortunately that's wishful thinking. You can not imagine how many places I need to go to in order to find the ingredients I need for a special dish, like an Indian one.

    1. Given that the UK is a multicultural society, there is a lot available in the grocery stores, even the smaller ones (some stores obviously carry more than others). I pretty much get everything I need. But it's great to have a place like this one that carries so much more than just the basics. It's not a huge shop but there is so much variety of products! I cannot wait to revisit that spice wall, as I refer to it.


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