Friday, 24 April 2015

a peaceful spot in the village

Last year when I moved to South Yorkshire I was under the impression that I was moving to a small town. It wasn't until people started asking me how I liked it in the village that I realised that I was living in one. I guess in my mind a village is a place that has a few brick houses, narrow cobblestone streets and an old post office with a vintage bicycle by the entrance.

This beautiful spot by the church in Auckley is probably one of few that has that village-feel to it, if one excludes the sound of traffic coming from the main street. The church is called St. Saviour and since I'm not a churchgoer I have never been inside it. I didn't notice the bench until I was walking with my son on a gorgeous spring day and saw the tree in bloom. The spot was like a magnet pulling us across the street; it looked so peaceful. Then we spotted the engraved plaque under the tree, which somehow made it more special.

Sometimes I feel like an eighty-year old when I talk about the weather on the blog but it feels as if summer has already arrived! We were in London on Tuesday and the city was bursting with life; people in shorts or skirts in the sun; all outdoor tables at cafés and restaurants occupied and everyone looking happy. We ended our day in the Chelsea district and enjoyed good (raw) food and coffee at Startisans, a pop-up café with street food on the Duke of York Square. I could have sat there until the evening enjoying the scenery and people watching.

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. That is such a picturesque scene, love your first photo Lisa!

    1. Thank you, Lana. I shot it in an afternoon light when I find it particularly beautiful.

  2. So so beautiful, I just love that bench under the tree, it reminds me of a similar spot I found by the old library when I was in school at Berkeley. Sounds like village life is a sunny's been rainy here (wearing a down vest, boots and coat still) but here's hoping it will warm up soon!

    p.s. I owe you an email and haven't forgotten!

    xoxo Mary Jo

    1. A spot by the old library at Berkeley sounds lovely. Yes, it has been sunny over here but slightly colder for the last two days.


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