Monday, 1 June 2015

Stylish bohemian vibes in Ibiza

On Saturday the latest issue of Elle Decoration UK arrived in the mail and the house tour I fell flat for was a 300-year-old finca with stylish bohemian vibes, in a remote area of Ibiza. It doesn't happen often that I more or less like every single room when viewing homes in magazines, but I have been just a tad obsessed with this one (that top image is now decorating my desktop). The feature, Where the cicadas sing, was photographed by Sunna and Marc Van Praag. I had to snap a few photos to share with you, of the corners in this home that make my heart sing.

The rustic part of the house especially appeals to me, like these ornate built-in seating nooks next to the kitchen (not shown in the magazine). This look feels so inviting. The dining area connects with the sitting area and also has a built-in nook. The nooks have a mix of textiles, cushions and covers in solid colours and with patterns. The home is inspired by the owners' travels and there are quite many global finds. I'm fascinated by that lamp between the nooks (hence the detail photo to the left) but it doesn't say in the article where it comes from.

Rustic sitting area with a fireplace and a built-in nook

Other decorative objects that caught my attention were the ornate vases on the table below and on the stairs, and also beautiful rugs throughout the house.

The bathroom has arched original walls and stylish Spanish tiles. Don't get me started on the rug! I had to include the outdoor living area with the swimming pool. To see the rest of the house you need to get yourself a copy of the issue!

For those who aren't familiar with Ibiza, it's a Spanish island, part of the Balearic Islands in the Mediterranean Sea. Since I can remember Ibiza has always been associated with partying and nightlife, a quality that has never attracted me to any destination. But I have always been fascinated with its small villages and quiet resorts, and its mix of cultures, which is why Ibiza is on my to-visit list. There is this one old blog post, Colours of Ibiza, by María of EclecChic that shows exactly what it is that lures me to the island.

There is one more feature in the July 2015 issue of Elle Decoration UK that deserves a mention. It's an article about architect and designer Alexander Girard (1907-1993). The Vitra Design Museum in Weil am Rhein is planning an exhibition of his work in 2016. (The museum is located right in the corner where Germany, Switzerland and France meet.) Here is a link to Alexander Girard's design for Vitra - I love his matchboxes.

images by me | credit: Elle Decoration UK, July 2015, Where the cicadas sing, p. 98-107 · Sunna + Mark Van Praag


  1. I've been to Ibiza three times now and never saw something like this. Well, it's understandable since it's in a remote area. It's beautiful. I'd love spending some days in a place like this one.

    1. Three times in Ibiza ... lucky you! This kind of look is hardly the vision that most people have of Ibiza. Maybe one day, if I'm lucky, I will find a resort there that lives up to my standards ;-)

  2. Vá hvað þetta er fallegt og heillandi. Svona bohem stíll er alveg að verða mitt uppáhalds :) eins og framandi heimur.
    kær kveðja

    1. Skil þig svo vel, Stína! Ég er einmitt svo hrifin af þessum stíl þegar heimilin, eins og þetta, eru persónuleg en líka laus við allt sem kallast 'clutter'. Það er svo oft sem svona bóhem-heimili eru stútfull af dóti og ég á svolítið erfitt með ofurhlaðinn stíl.


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