Monday 27 July 2015

A love story and quinoa dessert

Recently I crossed one book off my list when I read Must You Go?: My Life with Harold Pinter by Antonia Fraser. If I were to describe it in only a few words I would say it's a beautiful love story, one of the most intimate ones I have read. Fraser uses her diaries to tell about her life with playwright Pinter, from the day they met in 1975 to the day he died in 2008. And what a life they shared! I would like to tell you just a little bit about the book and also republish my recipe for quinoa pudding with Greek yoghurt, berries and fruit.

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  1. This sounds super yummy and easy - I am going to try this:-) Thanks for the inspiration Lisa!

    1. You're welcome, Igor. This is one of the "bulletproof" recipes from the old food blog. Many have tried it with good results. My son even made it on Sunday and he's only ten. All I did was cooking the quinoa.


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