Thursday, 20 August 2015

Built-in nooks

This summer my admiration for built-in nooks has reached a whole new level. I think it started with an Ibizan house tour in Elle Decoration UK  that I shared in a blog post in June. From then on these types of nooks were demanding my attention everywhere; also the textiles, the covers and cushions chosen to make them comfortable. I have a French issue of Elle Decoration from last summer that is filled with built-in nooks. It has been on my table this summer and I just had to take a few photos for the blog. You see, I look at my blog as a diary. I don't write one, by that I mean the dear diary type, but I note down things in my journals all the time. The visual part is very important to me as well and I like being able to store these images on the blog for others to enjoy but also for myself to look them up later.

Let us start with a few nooks that appeared in a feature on Scorcialupi, a holiday rental in the Italian region of Puglia. I find the outdoor living area above absolutely stunning. The two indoor ones below are also neat.

1-3: Scorcialupi, Elle Decoration (French), July/August 2014, pp. 108-117/Christian Schaulin

As much as I like the nook below, with its harmonious colour palette, I'm not sure I would want one in my outdoor dining area, especially if I were entertaining. If one person has to stand up then others have to move or make space. However, this kind of rustic style is right up my alley and I like how the industrial Tolix chairs create contrast (this photo only shows one clearly). The nook belongs to a beautiful and stylish home on the Greek island of Mykonos.

4: Mykonos house tour, Elle Decoration (French), July/August 2014, pp. 130-141/Giorgio Baroni

The next images show more stylish built-in nooks. They are from a feature on San Giorgio, a luxury hotel in Mykonos. I think many readers recognise the hotel, as this bohemian style haven has been featured on many blogs (I shared some in a post on my Icelandic blog version). What I like about its indoor nooks is the patterned cushions. This decorative style makes my heart sing.

5-7: San Giorgio, Elle Decoration (French), July/August 2014, pp. 52-59/Giorgio Baroni

The left photo below shows a built-in nook in the hotel's outdoor living area, which is tastefully decorated. The photo to the right shows a nook made of stones belonging to the Puglia holiday home of Italian architect Luca Zanaroli. There is another nook on the opposite side that I didn't include in my image. I like how the smooth lines of the Butterfly chair (AA by Airborne) seem to soften the roughness of the stone.

8 (right): Elle Decoration (French), July/August 2014, pp. 142-149/Christian Schaulin


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