Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Review: JORD wood watches - the Cora

This summer I was invited to join the JORD wood watches team. I only had to choose a watch, wear it and describe my experience. The moment I saw the Cora on the website there was no turning back, the turquoise one with the zebrawood was the watch I wanted. The funny thing is that I hadn't worn a watch for ages and had had no plans to pick up that old habit. Suddenly, the Cora, soon to arrive in the mail, was having strange effects on me. I realised that I was already in love with it, so the question was: Would it live up to my expectations?

To answer the question above: Yes, it did! The box arrived swiftly from St. Louis, Missouri. The packaging was beautiful: a wooden box that immediately read craftsmanship. When I opened I found my stunning Cora secured around a soft cushion, embroidered with the word JORD. It's the Swedish and Danish word for earth. The watch, custom-sized before shipping, fit me perfectly (extra links included in the box). I have to admit that before putting it on I just sat and stared at it, for quite some time.

The book on my table: Icelandic Landscapes by Daniel Bergmann

The design is beautiful; attention is paid to every detail. The handmade luxury watch has natural zebrawood, a sapphire crystal glass and Swarovski crystal markers. A buckle with a push button is attached to the wood, making it easy to put it on/take it off. I was surprised by the lightweight of the watch; I had imagined it heavier. The part I love is that it requires no battery; the drive system is self-winding. I was younger than ten when I last had a self-winding watch and now I'm enjoying this daily ritual of winding it.

Perhaps it sounds strange but to me the watch somehow goes beyond the stage of being just a watch, as if it has a deeper meaning. It could be the wood or the enchanting turquoise hue that reminds me of colours in Icelandic landscape. Each time I look at the dial the hue feels different, depending on the reflection of light.

The name of the watch - JORD - also reminds me of my Nordic roots. In Icelandic it's jörð. In Norse mythology, Jörð is the earth goddess. She is the wife of Odin, the chief God and their son is Thor, the God of Thunder. Clearly, I'm not the only one connecting the watch with Nordic roots. My son was so excited about the styling and photographing that he brought his stone collection and showed me a photo of a Viking shield in one of his books. I had to use it … with latte, naturally.

I couldn't be more satisfied with my JORD wood watch, a timeless piece that will always stay in style. On the JORD website the watches are described as 'hand-crafted wood timepieces that tell a story.' Sometimes when I put it on I just want to wear my favourite comfortable pieces, grab my passport and a weekender bag, and just go somewhere. No phone, no computer; only the beautiful Cora as my guide.

You see, the story of mine is just beginning!

This post is part of the 'JORD wood watches' visual marketing campaign. The watch featured and reviewed is the Cora - Zebrawood & Turquoise. Words, images and views are my own.

Luxury Wood Watch


  1. Gorgeous post and I want that watch...now!

  2. Wow - both the post and the watch! Je veux, je veux, je veux!

  3. Thank you, ladies. The watch is indeed beautiful.

    By the way, if my watch goes missing I know where to search for it!


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