Friday, 26 February 2016

new workspace

I think moving furniture around has become my forte. My latest undertaking was moving my farm table upstairs to create a new workspace for myself. I had been keeping it in a spare room downstairs where I had limited space to move around it freely to take photos. Now it serves as my desk and I have plenty of space for photographing. More importantly, plenty of natural light. Yesterday when arranging things I stumbled upon a recent issue of The World of Interiors featuring a Mexican home that I remember liking very much. I snapped a few photos, which I will share soon. Enjoy your weekend!



  1. Is that a demonic lion on the kid's drawing (cf the red horns)? :-D Have a great weekend!

    1. Not sure. We always refer to this painting by one of our daughters as her period of realism, when there usually was a lot of blood. Some of it is hidden behind those two books ;-)


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