Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Purple shades and original floor tiles

You know those pages in magazines that you keep coming back to? For me this is one of them. The bedroom belongs to designer Stefano Guidotti's home by Lake Como in Italy that was featured in the April issue of Elle Decoration UK ('Como in Colour', photographed by Mads Mogensen). In his own words he is obsessed with colour and thought of the original patterned floor tiles as huge rugs when decorating his home. The shades of his walls are beautiful and he has a wonderful selection of decorative objects. If you can get a hold of the issue then check out the leather sofa in the living room and the colour of his dining area. Such an inspiring house tour!

image by me | credit: Elle Decoration UK, April 2016, p. 167 · Mads Mogensen


  1. Oh you have no idea how much I wish I lived in a place with original tiled floors. However this is not common at all here in Germany, in the south I'd be luckier probably. But well, until then I can admire pictures like those in your blog post! Have a great day Lisa!

    1. The pattern on the tiles in the living room and dining room is just as gorgeous, you can view a photo on Elle Decoration UK's FB page:

      I'm thinking a pied-à-terre in Rome or Florcence or Barcelona or Madrid...

  2. The combination of the pattern tile with the faded purple wall is a good match and makes quite the appearance. I could surely that this is aesthetically pleasing. Would love grab me one of those latest floor tiles and have my ideas come to life.


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