Tuesday, 17 May 2016

spring gift: Ely Maple by JORD wood watches

When invited to be part of the JORD wood watches spring campaign this year I decided to give my younger daughter a watch. It would be her spring gift for simply being herself and fabulous. She chose one from the Ely series, the Ely Maple, which also shows the date. (Looking for a gift for someone? There's an e-gift card below.) We are not new to JORD and know what to expect, which doesn't make it any less exciting to receive their wooden box with a beautiful watch inside. It's been 8 weeks and my daughter is a happy customer.

It pleased me to see her pick the Ely watch that has a simple and timeless design. The other day we were talking about its qualities and I mentioned the timeless part. First there was silence and then she said: 'But that's just stupid, it's a watch, it tells the time!' It cracked me up; how right she was! Then I explained to her the concept of something being a classic piece, timeless in the sense it never goes out of style. The teenager agreed that it applied to the Ely Maple.

Honestly, my daughter hasn't given me a detailed review of the watch. Her words go something like this: It's a watch, it works, it shows the time, she likes it, she is happy with it. What's more to say?

Exactly! It does everything a watch is supposed to do. Plus, it looks good and it's handcrafted, by a company that values sustainability. As you probably notice, she wears the watch on her right hand, the hand she writes with, which I find interesting (I couldn't do it).

As a parent, I have one more thing to add, about quality vs. quantity. In the past we have bought watches for the kids, not the cheapest, that are usually colourful with a plastic strap. I don't know how often I have found one of those plastic ones at the bottom of a toy box, probably long forgotten. As kids grow older they of course learn to take better care of their things, but I believe we as parents can teach them early on to value quality. I have noticed that when my daughter isn't wearing her JORD watch it's either in the box on her desk or on the bedside table. She knows it's more expensive than the other watches she has had and obviously values it and takes good care of it without me having to tell her to do so.

I photographed my daughter wearing the watch while drawing her manga. (She's interested in pretty much everything Japanese and has even been learning Japanese all by herself.) I'm not much into comics but I love viewing the manga she draws in her sketchbooks and drawing tablet. As I watched the young artist at work through my lens I couldn't help but feeling a little mesmerised by the setting. I think there is an interesting contrast between the simple design of her watch and art.

The Ely watch is made of 100% natural wood, in this case maple, and has a scratch-resistant mineral glass. It runs on a battery and displays the hours, minutes and seconds, and has a date window. The buckle has push buttons, which makes it easy to put on and take off. The Ely is also available in red sandalwood, dark sandalwood, and green sandalwood & maple. You can read more about its features on the JORD website.

The Ely watch is named after a building in the city of St. Louis, Missouri, the Ely Walker Warehouse - now Lofts - that was built in 1907. JORD is based in St. Louis and ships the watches internationally.

Would you like to give someone a watch or a gift card? JORD is offering my blog readers an e-gift card. All you have to do is click on the link and enter your email, or a friend's email, and they will send an email with a $25 discount code. There is a limited number of the e-gift cards available, which are on a first come-first serve basis. Please keep in mind that once they are all redeemed your gift card will no longer work.

[This post is part of the JORD wood watches spring campaign. The featured watch is the Ely Maple, a spring gift for my artistic daughter. Words, images and views are my own.]

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