Thursday, 24 November 2016

Advent preparation with our calico Persian

First, Happy Thanksgiving to my American readers; I hope you enjoy a wonderful day with your loved ones! There is no celebration on this side of the Atlantic but I must admit that this morning I regretted not having planned a festive dinner. It would have been wonderful to sit down this evening to a decorated table. Luckily, the holiday season is almost upon us and it isn't a long wait until Christmas Day when we sit down to enjoy our turkey feast. Earlier when I got home, I opened my cupboards to bring out some of the things needed for our first Advent Sunday brunch and brought it upstairs to sort it out. Enter our calico Persian.

She curiously watched me choose the things needed to decorate the table. I was going to iron the table linen when I thought, Why not snap a photo for the blog? When I had fastened that bird on the branch I set up the tripod, adjusted the frame and the settings, and took one test photo. Suddenly she appeared in the frame. I should have known, especially with her up-to-no-good nature. Well, I'm glad for her photobombing. She turned it into a fun shoot and the bird survived unharmed. Only turning upside down.

Advent preparation with our up-to-no-good calico Persian

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