Friday, 11 November 2016

farewell Master Cohen

Leonard Cohen has left the stage. I have been listening to his live performances with my morning coffee and reminiscing about my teenage years, when I bought 'I'm Your Man,' my first Cohen album. Wonderful memories. Today I'm actually enjoying Facebook because it's interesting to see which songs my friends are sharing - Suzanne was my choice when I heard the news this morning. This wonderful celebration of Cohen's life feels like a healing process after the US election results. On that topic I will say this: I refuse to let a man I have no respect for disturb my equilibrium.

Back to Cohen. It's time to buy a copy of Book of Longing, which has been too long on my wish list. If you're a fan don't let editor David Remnick's interview with him in The New Yorker escape you, 'Leonard Cohen Makes It Darker' ('How the Light Gets In,' October 17, 2016 issue). Yesterday they shared an audio file on their website with part of the interview, where Cohen prepares for his death.

Farewell Master Cohen and thank you for your poetry and music.

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  1. Rest In Peace Mr. Cohen, may your music inspire many for years to come.


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