Friday, 23 December 2016

Happy Holidays

As I write this in the comfort of my living room with the fire burning and hubby playing the guitar, Storm Barbara has swept in. Luckily our region has a yellow zone warning and we're only expecting heavy rain and wind. For us the weather doesn't really matter, it's almost Christmas time and we're not heading anywhere - the next days consist of good food, reading and sleeping. I start Christmas Eve morning with good coffee before preparing the dessert, risalamande (rice and almond pudding) that I serve with home-made cherry sauce in the evening ... delicious! Around lunch time tomorrow we enjoy Swedish braided bread and hot chocolate while the smoked lamb (Icelandic tradition) is cooking. In my mind, the ideal julehygge.

I would like to wish you, my dear blog readers, Happy Holidays and my best wishes for 2017. Thank you for all the blog visits this year and your kind comments and likes on other social media sites.



  1. Happy Holidays, Lisa! Risalamande is now becoming a tradition in my family, too, thanks to you. Everybody is looking forward to it.

    1. I only saw your comment today. I love it that you guys have welcomed the risalamande as part of your Christmas tradition. My Danish ancestors would be proud ;-)


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