Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Edinburgh: Waterstones bookshop & Calton Hill

Edinburgh: Waterstones bookshop & Calton Hill · Lisa Hjalt

Having visited Edinburgh on a few occasions last summer I can already identify with the late Alan Rickman's experience of the Scottish capital: 'I always feel that when I come to Edinburgh in many ways I am coming home' (source). We were there during the Fringe, when the city is bursting with life and culture, and created unforgettable memories. Waterstones on Prince Street, their West End branch, made it to our list of homes away from home: This four-storey bookshop is the bibliophile's Promised Land: it has a fantastic collection of books and a relaxing atmosphere, not to mention the W Café with its stunning view of the Castle Hill.

Edinburgh: Waterstones bookshop & Calton Hill · Lisa Hjalt
The Castle Hill seen from the W Café

To escape the crowded streets, we walked through the Princes Street Gardens from the Waverley station to Waterstones, enjoyed refreshment and stayed longer than we intended - we found time for Waterstones on each of our trips. Just behind the building, running parallel between Princes St and George St, is the charming Rose Street, a narrow street free from traffic with what seems like endless pubs and restaurants.
Edinburgh: Waterstones bookshop & Calton Hill · Lisa Hjalt
Edinburgh: Waterstones bookshop & Calton Hill · Lisa Hjalt
W Café, a coffee house within the Waterstones bookshop

Edinburgh: Victoria Street · Lisa Hjalt
Victoria Street in the Old Town

In Edinburgh we walked all over the city centre: up to the Castle and down to the Grassmarket, up Victoria Street, along the Royal Mile, where we explored some of the courts, and off in the direction of Calton Hill. Up the stairs to Calton Hill we went to enjoy the spectacular view of the city. We even climbed the stairs to enjoy the view from the Nelson Monument. It was worth it.

Edinburgh: The view from Calton Hill · Lisa Hjalt
The clock tower of the Balmoral Hotel on Princes Street, seen from Calton Hill

Edinburgh: The view from Calton Hill · Lisa Hjalt
The Castle seen from Calton Hill, and to the right, the gothic Scott Monument
Edinburgh: The view from Calton Hill · Lisa Hjalt

Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Textiles and Persians

Schuyler Samperton Textiles · Lisa Hjalt

If you thought this blog entry was about Persian textiles you have been lured to the blog on false pretences; I'm referring to my Persian cat, who did some serious photobombing the other day when I was photographing patterned fabrics by Schuyler Samperton Textiles. It was a relaxing day, with the sun in hiding but every now and then brightening up our reading nook quite generously, and I had spread books, interior magazines and fabric samples all over the coffee table. There was coffee too.

A certain colour palette had formed in my head and all of a sudden I realised how beautifully it harmonised with the January 2018 cover of The World of Interiors. I picked the fabric samples needed, grabbed the camera, and had shot perhaps four or five photos when my Persian prince appeared on the scene ... and refused to budge (I should have known, he likes sleeping in between my books). I tried to work around him but he kept popping up in the frame. The last photo shows the end result: he had his way and I called it a day.

Schuyler Samperton Textiles · Lisa Hjalt
Caledonia, Doshi and Firefly fabrics by Schuyler Samperton Textiles

Back to that colour palette. I chose three designs by Schuyler Samperton Textiles. The floral fabric with the bird motif is called Caledonia, seen here in the colourways Peony (above in the foreground) and Imperial (under the cup). The design with the loosely printed botanical motif is Doshi, in the colourways Hibiscus and Aubergine. Sandwiched between the two is the Firefly in Plum. In blue it's called Deep End.

A Persian prince enters.

The World of Interiors & Schuyler Samperton Textiles · Lisa Hjalt
Bedroom image from The World of Interiors, January 2018/Simon Upton

The cover photo of the January 2018 issue of The World of Interiors was lensed by Simon Upton. The magazine visited the home, a transformed warehouse in Milan, of art director Roberto Gerosa. The bedroom is textile heaven.
Persian cat sleeping & Schuyler Samperton Textiles · Lisa Hjalt

All's well that ends well.