I am Lisa Hjalt, a born-and-bred Icelander, living with my family in Germany. I started the blog in Antwerp back in 2010 but since then the nature of it has changed; today it's mainly a book blog. The entries are usually a peek into the books and magazines on my table, my reading lists and reading journal, the coffee table books I have in sight, new books on the market, and other simple pleasures. Textiles, especially exotic patterns, interest me greatly and I never tire of receiving samples in the mail. My blog posts are usually written during long lunches, influenced by a double-shot latte.

I was born in Reykjavik and spent my summers with my family in salmon fishing areas or with my paternal grandparents, a home with many Danish traditions. I studied English literature and linguistics at the University of Iceland (and took a fair amount of courses in other faculties) and wrote my BA thesis on autobiographical writing. I have many interests: books and textiles, as mentioned above, interior styling and design, photography, art, history and travels. I'm one of those people who still take out library books and usually take my stack to a café before heading back home. One of my passions is experimenting with recipes that include fresh and unrefined ingredients. My blog, which is also available in Icelandic, reflects my interests and since the beginning of 2015 mainly all the images on it are my own.

Lisa Hjalt
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