I am Lisa Hjalt, a born-and-bred Icelander. For a decade I have been doing a bit of country hopping and recently settled in Austria. Not only am I getting used to new surroundings, I have also started my Master's in Museum Studies, which I'm able to study at the University of Iceland via distance. These days I find myself quite busy. I launched the blog in Antwerp back in 2010 but since then the nature of it has changed. Gradually it turned into a book blog, mainly (I still take out library books - are we a dying breed?). Regular features are my reading lists, reading journal, new coffee table books I have in sight, new books, fiction and non-fiction, on the market, and other simple pleasures. Textiles, especially exotic patterns, interest me greatly and you may spot a fabric sample under my cup of coffee. My blog entries are usually written during long lunches, influenced by a double-shot latte. Hence the name.

I was born in Reykjavik and spent my summers with my family in salmon fishing areas or with my paternal grandparents, a home with many Danish traditions. I studied English literature and linguistics at the University of Iceland and wrote my BA thesis on autobiographical writing. I have many interests: books and textiles, as mentioned above, interior styling and design, photography, art, food ... One of my passions is experimenting with recipes including fresh and unrefined ingredients.

Changed blog address: Lunch & Latte.

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