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While there still aren't that many recipes labelled under the KITCHEN & AROMA category (on this "new" blog), I'm keeping the list of recipes simple, in alphabetical order. When the number of recipes has grown I will divide it into categories. (At the bottom you will find links to old food blog.)

  bread buns with sesame seeds
  bread buns with sesame seeds (vegan)
  chai latte (Indian tea)
  chocolate sauce
  meringue tops
  NEW! pancakes with berries (breakfast)
  pancakes with rice
  pear muffins
  pizza buns (yeast-free)
  quinoa pudding with Greek yoghurt, berries and fruit
  rhubarb and strawberry crumble
  rice and almond pudding (risalamande)
  spice loaf / bread
  Swedish braided bread with cardamom
  walnut chocolate fudge cake with raspberries

  black bean burgers
  NEW! carrot and coconut soup, Zanzibar-inspired & vegan
  chicken drumsticks, marinated
  curried bean stew with coconut milk
  lentil soup
  pesto with basil
  potato wedges with seasoned salt
  pizza sauce
  tomato soup with vegetables and curry powder
  turnip tomato soup with parsley

List of recipes on the old food blog, kitchen & aroma (please note that I didn't post recipes often; it was just a place to keep the recipes I like in one place):

Measures and oven temperatures:

In all recipes: 1 tablespoon = 15 ml
1 teaspoon = 5 ml

For the American readers:

1 cup = 250 ml
½ cup = 125 ml
¼ cup = 62.5 ml
2 tablespoons: 30 ml
1 tablespoon = 15 ml

Not all ovens are the same. If using a fan-assisted oven you will have to adjust the temperature, usually set it 15-20°C lower, and perhaps adjust the baking time as well. My advice is to always write it down when you get good results by changing the baking time or temperature. That way you also learn how your oven works.

Centigrade Fahrenheit Gas mark
110°C 225°F gas ¼
120°C 250°F gas ½
140°C 275°F gas 1
150°C 300°F gas 2
160°C 325°F gas 3
180°C 350°F gas 4
190°C 375°F gas 5
200°C 400°F gas 6
220°C 425°F gas 7
230°C 450°F gas 8
240°C 475°F gas 9

Changed blog address: Lunch & Latte.

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Email: lunchlatte[at]

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